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Tuesday, 7 June 2016
Words of welcome:
  • Andreas Wellbrock, Managing Director, Windenergie Agentur WAB
  • Uwe Beckmeyer, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  • Dr. Joachim Lohse, Senator for Environment, Construction and Transportation
  • Hans Gatzemeier, Managing Director, ELA Container Offshore GmbH
  • Jörg Kubitza, Head of Strategy and Business Development - Senior Director, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Wednesday, 8 June 2016
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Senvion GmbH
Speaker: Norbert Giese
Adwen’s 8MW platform

Next generation large turbines in the offshore wind Industry

Company: Adwen GmbH
Speaker: Maite Basurto
Position: Chief Technology Officer
Integral Optimisation of an Offshore Wind Farm

Company: Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH
Speaker: Nils Erdmann
Position: Managing Director
GE’s Offshore Turbine

GE Offshore Wind - ready for commercial operation

Company: GE Renewable Germany GmbH
Speaker: Markus Rieck
Position: MD Commercial Operations Sales & Marketing (global) Offshore Wind
Multi-megawatt offshore wind turbines

Tough conditions for drive trains and rotor bearings

Company: SKF GmbH
Speaker: Dr. Philipp Schmid
Position: Marketing Manager Energy
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: GE Grid GmbH
Speaker: Thorsten Schwarz
Position: Region Commercial Director
OFTO for Life

Protecting the route to market

Company: CWind Ltd.
Speaker: Stefan Marschner
Position: Sales Manager Germany
Operational Management of Offshore Transformer Stations and the Responsibilities Involved

Remote monitoring, switching operations, maintenance and much else require dealing with many interfaces and call for competency requirements: who is responsible for what?

Company: Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH
Speaker: Alexander Huth
Position: Projektmanager
Cable protection

State of art and Experiences with Cable Protection

Company: Seaproof Solutions
Speaker: Henrik Bang-Andreasen
Position: CEO
New Concepts for Balance of Plant Operation and Maintenance Services

A short introduction to technological advancements in the provision of Balance of Plant Operation and Maintenance Services for offshore wind farms

Company: Siem Offshore Contractors GmbH
Speaker: Alex Gauntt / Jan Holtermann
Position: Business Development Manager / IMR Manager
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Offshore Windmesse und Veranstaltungs GmbH
Speaker: Jens Eckhoff
Position: Managing Director
Optimized next generation wind farms

First step Gode Wind

Company: Dong Energy
Speaker: Trine Borum Bojsen
Position: Managing Director, DONG Energy Wind Power Germany GmbH
Almost everything one notch bigger

Company: EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Speaker: Jörn Däinghaus
Position: Projektleiter Offshore Windenergie / Erzeugung Neubauprojekte
Wikinger in Construction Phase

Status up-to-date

Company: IBERDROLA Renovables Offshore Deutschland GmbH
Speaker: Jürgen Blume
Position: Managing Director

Deepwater turbines made in Germany for a nearshore project

Company: Senvion GmbH
Speaker: Jörg Philp
Position: Head of Sales Offshore
Offshore Windfarm Nordergründe

First-hand experience from the river Weser estuary

Company: wpd offshore solutions GmbH
Speaker: Hans-Christoph Brumberg
Position: Project Manager
Renewable Energies Act (EEG) and the draft Wind Energy at Sea Act (WindSeeG) – Consequences for the Offshore Wind Industry
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: wpd AG
Speaker: Dr Klaus Meier
Position: Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Company: OWIA Offshore Wind Industry Alliance
Speaker: Urs Wahl
Position: Project Manager for Political Communication, OWIA Berlin Office

Company: Becker Büttner Held (BBH)
Speaker: Dr Ursula Prall
Position: Lawyer and Partner

Company: Senator for Environment, Construction and Transport Bremen
Speaker: Ronny Meyer
Position: Deputy minister

Company: Senvion GmbH
Speaker: Norbert Giese
Position: Vice President Agency & Government Relations
Impact of the renewable energy act on the offshore industry and the offshore base ports in Germany

Practical example: “Offshore Base Cuxhaven”

Company: AfW Cuxhaven
Speaker: Dr Hans-Joachim Stietzel
Position: Head of Department of Economic Development
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: WindMW GmbH
Speaker: Jens Assheuer
Position: Managing Director
Advantages of Outsourcing Operations and Maintenance for Offshore Operators and Manufacturers

Case study BO1

Company: Deutsche Offshore Consult GmbH
Speaker: Jörg Engicht
Position: Managing Director
Optimized Maintenance Mix for miscellaneous secondary tasks

How to define work packages and their mixture

Company: Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore und Consulting GmbH
Speaker: Christopher Schnake
Position: Technical Controlling
Fred. Olsen Windbase

Long term fixed accommodation offshore

Company: Fred. Olsen Windcarrier
Speaker: David Matthews
Position: General Manager UK
From Planning to Realisation

From Planning to Realisation – with own Vessels, Labour, Equipment and Facilities to any offshore destination in Europe

Company: Rhenus Offshore Logistics GmbH & Co. KG
Speaker: Thore Schreiber
Position: Business Development
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES Northwest
Speaker: Dr Antje Wagenknecht
Position: Branch Manager
Current Developments in Offshore Safety Training

Company: Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH
Speaker: Alexander Treichel
Position: Head of Offshore Safety Training
Offshore wind H&S across different EU member states

Current standards and trends in health and safety in different EU states

Company: SgurrEnergy
Speaker: Christian Apeah
Position: Team Leader – Offshore Wind Energy
Field report and recommendations for safe and optimised offshore-wind-farm operation from the perspective of a testing and inspection organisation

Flexible alignment of testing and inspection schemes to offshore conditions

Company: TÜV Süd
Speaker: Alexander Heitmann
Position: Head of Department Offshore Windenergie
Maritime Safety Partnerships among German Shipping Companies in Logistics and Comprehensive Protection and Safety Plans

Company: VDR – Verband Deutscher Reeder
Speaker: Wolfgang Hintzsche
Position: Schiffssicherheit, Nautik und Technik, Umweltschutz
Windforce Dinner
at HUDSON Eventloft
Konsul-Smidt-Str. 8d
28217 Bremen
Thursday, 9 June 2016
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Deutsche WindGuard Offshore GmbH
Speaker: Sven Bicker
Position: Managing Director
Innovative Manufacturing Strategies for Offshore Wind Foundations

Company: Bilfinger Mars Offshore sp. z o.o.
Speaker: Dr. Stephan Brauser
Position: Salzgitter AG, Sales representative, R&D Coordinator
To boldly go where no fixed foundation can go

Floating concrete foundations as the economic alternative

Company: Ideol SA
Speaker: Ole Stobbe
Position: Business Development Manager Northern Europe
Secrets of floated GBS

Special techniques that enable broad applicability and low cost for float-out-and-sink gravity based

Company: Seatower AS
Speaker: Petter J. Karal
Position: CEO
Focus on Offshore Foundations

Developments and innovations

Company: wind:research GmbH
Speaker: Dirk Briese
Position: Managing Director
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: EWE Offshore Service & Solutions
Speaker: Irina Lucke
Position: Managing Director
Effective installation of high-voltage cable systems offshore

Challenges to consider and lowering of risks by professional preparation

Company: ABB High Voltage Cables AB
Speaker: Magnus Waldo
Position: Installation Proposal Manager
Cost Reduction through Flexibility

Utilising vessels optimally to drive down costs

Company: Fred. Olsen Windcarrier
Speaker: Even Larsen
Position: Head of Commercial and Projects

Innovation as a collaborative effort

Company: RWE Innogy
Speaker: Tobias Griesshaber
Position: Project Manager

Transportation and Installation Challenges

Company: Seaway Heavy Lifting
Speaker: Richard van Aurich
Position: Business Acquisition Manager – Renewable Energy / Germany & Denmark
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Wind Energy Agency / WAB e.V. Bremerhaven
Speaker: Andreas Wellbrock
Position: Managing Director
How many offshore projects can be financed in a year?

A new era of multiple deals

Company: Green Giraffe
Speaker: Dr. Jérôme Guillet
Position: Managing Director
Thinking ahead into operational periods

Lessons learnt and current developments

Company: Nordwest Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG
Speaker: Dr. Patrick Wendisch
Position: Managing Partner
Recent Developments in Project Financing for Offshore Wind

Company: Northland Power Inc.
Speaker: Boris Balan
Position: Vice President Europe
Contingency Sizing through Quantitative Risk Assessments

Importance and benefits of detailed quantitative risk assessments to estimate the needs for contingency budgets

Company: SgurrEnergy Ltd
Speaker: Matthias Henke
Position: Director of German Operations
The Offshore Wind Act

Remuneration and Financing of Offshore Wind Projects

Company: Watson Farley & Williams LLP
Speaker: Dr. Christine Bader
Position: Lawyer / Partner
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Ocean Breeze Energy
Speaker: Jean Huby
Position: Managing Director
Profitability increase with WINDcenter services

Selected case studies

Company: Dahlhoff Service GmbH
Speaker: Friedr.-Wilh. Dahlhoff
Position: Joint Managing Director
LCOE road-map for Floating Wind Turbines

Using a 10MW semisubmersible FOWT without tower

Company: EOLINK
Speaker: Marc Guyot
Position: CEO
Automated Rotor Blade Inspection from the Ground

The way to digital life cycle reporting

Company: Futureblades GmbH
Speaker: Thorsten Zander
Position: CEO
Cost reduction potentials in the offshore wind sector regarding regulations, guidelines and standards

Company: German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation
Speaker: Bastian Abicht
Position: Project Manager
Monitoring of Offshore Structures

Possible ways of optimizing operating cost

Company: Wölfel Beratende Ingenieure GmbH &Co KG
Speaker: Dr. Herbert Friedmann
Position: Leiter F+E
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG
Speaker: Dr Bernd Horstmann
Position: Senior Manager
New tools for efficient and optimized soil characterisation

Company: Fugro Consult GmbH
Speaker: Dr. Rolf Balthes
Position: Regional Project Director Onshore Geotechnics, Europe & Caspian
Alternating loads on offshore soils and structures – new ideas and developments

Company: Marum – Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften / Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
Speaker: Dr. Tobias Mörz
Position: Professor for Marine Engineering Geology / Managing Director Fi. Geo-Engineering
Submarine Cable Tracking

New cost-effective technology

Company: MMT Sweden AB
Speaker: Philip Ljungström
Position: Tender Manager
Riskmitigation with Historical Investigation for the Identification of Unexploded Ordenance (UXO) in the German Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the North Sea.

Desktop Study Risk Assessment

Company: Mull und Partner Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Speaker: Sonja Krawczyk / Ralf Drewes
Position: Deputy Head of Division of Armament Sites / Project Manager EOD Services
A detailed schedule for each session will be available on site.

Company: Nordwest Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG
Speaker: Thomas Haukje
Position: Managing Partner
The Offshore Terminal Bremerhaven (OTB)

From planning to operation

Company: Bremenports GmbH & Co. KG / BIS Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH
Speaker: Stefan Färber / Annette Schimmel
Position: Port Development / Project Manager Green Economy
Heavy-Load Logistics – from a Practical Point of View

The crucial items to be considered

Company: Dr Moeller GmbH / IMS Nord
Speaker: Carsten Engel
Position: Director Offshore Engineering
The influence of changes in the logistic concept (e.g. harbours, offshore site and logistics) in relation to weather conditions on site

Reduce offshore costs with strategical planning of weather depending time schedules

Company: Fraunhofer-Institut für Windenergie und Energiesystemtechnik IWES Nordwest
Speaker: Dirk Bendlin
Position: Research Assosciate
Requirements for a modern Offshore Base Port

Company: SeaRenergy Offshore Holding GmbH & Cie. KG
Speaker: Hendrik Drossmann
Position: Manager QHSE & Project Engineer

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