Dr. Ralf Hubo

Managing Director, Steelwind

Ralf Hubo studied Material science at the Aachen University of Technology and finished his PhD with studies about relations between fracture mechanics and large scale wide plate tests. At the same time he got his weldin engineer certificate. He joined DILLINGER in 1990 when he started working for the recently founded Marketing team (strategy and technical customer service). At the end of 1994 he was appointed head of the Marketing department for DILLINGER and in 1995 also for GTSIndustries (100% subsidiary of Dillinger). In November 2000 Ralf Hubo has been appointed managing director of EURODECOUPE, a steel service center groupe in France and a 100% subsidiary of GTS which he left end of 2005 to work again for the headoffice of the groupe in Dillingen.
In April 2006 he was appointed Head of the Metallurgy department of DILLINGER with responsability for the groupes product development and quality management. Beginning 2011 he is was appointed General Representative of DILLINGER and responsible for Strategy and Business Development of the groupe. The main focus was the evolution of the supply chain. From this the idea was born to create a monopole fabrication company for the growing offshore wind market. He was appointed Managing director in mid of 2011 to start and ramp up the company. Together with his colleagues he was responsible for the construction of the site and the commercial and sales development. After 3 years of construction fabrication started in 2015. The rampup of fabrication was finished end of 2017 so that now full capacity is available. Ralf Hubo is currently managing director and spokesman of the managing board of Steelwind.