Thursday, 3 September 2020
We welcome you at the conference venue and you receive your name tag/programme booklet. Access to the day event - Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz
Chair: Heike Winkler, Managing Director, WAB e.V.
  1. Irina Lucke, Managing Director EWE Offshore Service & Solutions and Chairwoman of the Executive Board of WAB e.V.
  2. Torsten von Haaren, President of the City Parliament, Bremerhaven
  3. Kristina Vogt, Senator for Economics, Labour and European Affairs, Bremen
  4. Olaf Lies, Minister for the Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection, Lower Saxony
Chair: Heike Winkler, Managing Director, WAB e.V.
  1. “How Wind Energy Can Help Deliver the European Green Deal” – Giles Dickson, CEO, WindEurope
  2. “The X-factor: Untapping the Offshore Wind Potential” Philippe Kavafyan, CEO, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
  3. “Pan-European Collaboration to Deliver Offshore Wind at the Heart of Net Zero Carbon”  - Dr Stephen Wyatt, Research and Innovation Director, ORE Catapult
  4. „20 GW by 2030 – What Comes Next? Challenges of a Large-Scale Offshore Grid Expansion - Tim Meyerjürgens, COO, TenneT and Member of the Executive Board of WAB e.V.
  5. Perspectives for Offshore Wind and ‚green‘ Hydrogen“ - Annalena Baerbock, Chairwoman of the Green Party of Germany
Chair: Eize de Vries
  1. “The SG 14-222 DD – Milestone for Ambitious Offshore Wind Expansion & Green Deal“ - Martin Volker Gerhardt, Head of Offshore Platform and Portfolio Management, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
  2. “MingYang - MySE11MW-203 - A new Option for Global Offshore Wind” - Dr Wei Chen, General Manager, Ming Yang European Business and Engineering Center
  3. “Wind turbines from Dongfang Electric” - Gang Chen, Director of Marketing, Dongfang Electric Corporation
  4. “Blade Technology Value Outcome - Technology Exploitation or Exploration” - Hanif Mashal, Vice President for Engineering, CTO, LM Wind Power
  5. “Airborne Wind Energy Opens new Perspectives“ - Stephan Wrage, CEO, SkySails Marine Performance
Chair: Stefan Thimm, Managing Director, BWO
  1. "Offshore Wind – a Global Perspective” - Prof Dr Martin Skiba, Chairman, World Forum Offshore Wind
  2. “The US Market for Offshore Wind” - Liz Burdock, CEO and President, The Business Network for Offshore Wind
  3. "The Dutch Market for Offshore Wind”, Eddie Doornbos, Chairman, Northern Netherlands Offshore Wind (NNOW)
  4. “WPD Projects in Taiwan” – Achim Berge Olsen, Member of the Board of wpd and Managing Director wpd offshore
  5. “The Lithuanian Market for Offshore Wind” - Rytis Kėvelaitis, Vice Minister, Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania
Moderation: Jens Assheuer, Managing Director, WindMW and Deputy Chairman of the Board, WAB e.V.
  1. “EnBW's Offshore Wind Projects in Germany” - Stefan Kansy, Director New Projects, Power Generation/Portfolio Development, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg
  2. “Parkwind's Arcadis Ost 1 Project” - Manfred Dittmer, Country Manager Germany, Parkwind
  3. ”Spatial Planning and Competing Interests of Use” - Dr Kai Trümpler, Head of Division ”Spatial Planning”, Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency BSH
  4. "Transfer of Technical and Economic Rating as a Basis for Lifetime Extension of Offshore Wind" - Niels Erdmann, Managing Director, Deutsche WindGuard Offshore
  5. "Innovative LIDAR-Measurements Offshore – UL's latest Experience in the North Sea" - Thomas Neumann, Head of R&D, UL International
Chair: Deryth Wittek, Head of Clean Growth & Infrastructure for Trade & Investment at the Department for International Trade Germany
  1. “The UK Market for Offshore Wind” – Karl John, Specialist Renewable Energy, Department for International Trade
  2. “The UK Market from a DeepWind Cluster Perspective” - Paul O’Brien, Cluster Manager, DeepWind Offshore Wind Cluster
  3. “Connecting Floating WTGs: Kinkardine Case Study” - Sascha Wiesner, Regional Manager Europe, Global Marine Group
  4. “RWE Renewables’ 1.4GW Sofia Project” - David Few, Project Director, Sofia Offshore Wind Farm Development, RWE Renewables
Chair: Jean Huby, Managing Director, Ocean Breeze Energy and Member of the Executive Board, WAB e.V.
  1. „Offshore Wind Park Logistics Deploying Helicopters” - Oliver Freiland, Managing Partner, Heli Service International
  2. “Operational Optimisation in Offshore Wind: Learnings from 5 Years Operational Management of Bard Offshore Wind Farm” - Rouven Bents, Managing Director, Wind Multiplikator QHSE
  3. „International Offshore Service Opportunities and Limitations of an ISP in a Competitive Market” - Matthias Brandt, Board Director, Deutsche Windtechnik & Jens Landwehr, Managing Director, Deutsche Windtechnik Offshore and Consulting
  4. “Offshore Inspection with Drones including the Support of AI for Evaluation Reports” - Robert Hörmann, CEO/CTO, Aero Enterprise
  5. “O&M: Data and Digitisation” - Steve Ross, O&M Systems Team Leader, ORE Catapult
Chair: Urs Wahl, Public Affairs Consultant & Energy Policy Expert
  1. “Integrated Drive Train Condition and Structural Health Monitoring: Synergy Effects and Cost Saving Potential” - Jens Krieger, Senior Manager SHM, Bachmann Monitoring
  2. “LCoE Improvement Opportunities for Lifecycle Offshore Wind Asset Management: Realizing Substantial Reduction of 'Levelized Costs of Energy' in all Asset Life-Cycle Phases”- Drs Guido Van den Belt, Founder and Asset Manager, ENERGY Asset Management
  3. “O&M Special Ships and Drones” - Dan Sumner, Project Development Manager Operational Performance, Data & Digital Business Lead, ORE Catapult
  4. “On-demand Night-Time Marking” - Claus Sejersen, Head of Innovative Services, ROBUR WIND
  5. “How do you Evacuate your Service Team from high Altitudes in a Panic Situation?” Jérôme Lacroix, International Sales Manager, Tesucon
Chair: Irina Lucke, Managing Director EWE Offshore Service & Solutions and Chairwoman of the Executive Board, WAB e.V.
  1. Dr Maike Schaefer, Senator for Climate Protection, Environment, Mobility, Urban Development and Housing Development of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen
  2. Rafe Courage, British Consul-General in Düsseldorf
  3. Philippe Kavafyan, CEO, MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
  4. Hans-Josef Fell, President, Energy Watch Group, and Co-Author of Germany’s Renewable Energy Act EEG
The WINDFORCE Dinner takes place in the Stadthalle. Please use the main entrance
Friday, 4 September 2020
Chair: Urs Wahl, Public Affairs Consultant & Energy Policy Expert
  1. “Challenges and Proposed Solutions for a Complete Decommissioning of Large Offshore Monopile Foundations: The Research Project DeCoMP at the Technische Universität Braunschweig“ - Nils Hinzmann, Scientific Assistant, Technische Universität Braunschweig
  2. “The nezzy² - Research Project” - Jan-Christoph Hinrichs, Head of Research, aerodyn engineering
  3. “Accelerating Market Uptake of Floating Offshore Wind Technology” - Mareike Leimeister, Research Associate, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES
  4. “GICON-TLP – Integrated One-Step Installation of a Floating System – A Cost Deal Breaker” - Dr Frank Adam, Head of Department Windengineering, GICON Group
  5. „How Experience from the Oil and Gas Sector could help during the Design and Operation of Floating Offshore Wind Farms“ - Christoph Ruck, General Manager, LOC Germany
  6. “Fabrication of Monopiles Beyond XXL for a Taiwanese Windfarm” – Dr Ralf Hubo, Managing Director, Steelwind Nordenham
Chair: Jörg Engicht, Managing Director, Tractebel DOC Offshore
  1. “The joint Grid Connection Project „Seetrassen 2030“: A Cooperation Between Amprion and TenneT” - Felix Baierlein, Project Lead Licensing BalWin1, TenneT & Dr Julian Engelbert, Amprion
  2. “Complete Cable Care: Best Practice Report on the Repair of Damage to Offshore Cables” - Andy Lloyd, Director of Power Cables, Global Offshore, Part of the Global Marine Group
  3. “Flexible Room Solutions for Continuously Changing Markets” - Niels Albers, Head of Business Development, ELA Container Offshore
  4. “Substations: Challenges During Periodic Inspections” - Thomas Pontow, Managing Partner, b.offshore
  5. “North Sea Grid for the European Green Deal: Findings from the EU-project PROMOTioN” - Andreas Wagner, Managing Director, German Offshore Wind Energy Foundation
Chair: Randy Tinkerman, Founder, Wind Power Management
  1. “Recent Trends in Offshore Wind Finance” - Dr Jérôme Guillet, Managing Director, Green Giraffe
  2. ”Arb-Med, Med-Arb & Arb-Med-Arb: Hybrid Dispute Resolution Processes” - Dr Martin P. Lögering, Partner, Lebuhn & Puchta
  3. “The Compensation Scheme for Offshore Windfarms” - Dr Carmen Schneider, Lawyer and Partner, Chatham Partners
  4. “Offshore Wind Planning for Germany’s ‘Central System’: The Current Roadmap“ - Dr Christine Bader, Lawyer and Partner, Watson Farley & Williams
  5. “Capture Prices and PPAs for Offshore Investments” - Dr Nicolai Herrmann, Partner, Enervis Energy Advisors
Leitung: Marc Itgen, Director, Business Development Agency of the City of Cuxhaven
  1. „Development of Cuxhaven Port“, Dirk Leibfried, Deputy Chief Branch Cuxhaven, Niedersachsen Ports
  2. “WINDEA@Eemshaven: Multiple Solutions – One Port!” Thomas van der Laan, Project Manager Maritime Services, WINDEA Offshore
  3. “5G – Experiences and Concrete Results in an Existing Campus Network“ - Dr Claudius Noack, IT Consultant, Lufthansa Industry Solutions
  4. „Bremen’s Ports on their Way to net Carbon Neutrality“ - Robert Howe, Managing Director, bremenports
  5. „DIN SPEC 4866 - a new Industry Standard for Dismantling, Disassembly, Recycling and Recovery: Circular Economy Provides Value Creation Opportunities - also for Port Sites“ – Annette Nüsslein, Vorstand, RDRWind e.V.
The bilateral 15-minute meetings will take place on 03 and 04 September during the WINDFORCE Conference 2020 in the matchmaking area of the conference.
Chair: WAB-Team
  1. “Digitized Work and Process-Safe High-torque Bolting in Wind Power Industry Means Cost Savings” - Patrick Junkers, Managing Director, Barbarino & Kilp / HYTORC
  2. „New, Zinc-based Corrosion Protection Systems for Offshore Wind Foundation Structures“ - Dr Frank Prenger, Head of R&D, Grillo-Werke
  3. “Tower Protection Film - Anti Corrosion Film as an Alternative Coating System in Manufacturing and as Repair-kit for Service Work” - Hellmut Dürr, Key Account Manager, Wind Power Folientechnik
  4. „Subsequent Bonding of Brackets to Coated Surfaces”, Linda Fröck, Team Leader Adhesive Bonding Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Large Structures in Production Engineering IGP
  5. „System Solutions for Precise and Reliable Bolting Technologies in Wind Turbines” - Dr Marcus Stuhlert, Managing Director, Plarad – Torque & Tension Systems
  6. „Archaeology in Offshore Developments: Maximising the Benefit“ - Ralph Behr, General Manager, TRIDENT
  7. "Digital & Predictive Asset Management – clockworkX" - Robin Weber, Lead Engineer, clockworkX and Nicolás Muñoz, Predictive Operations for Wind Energy Systems and Functional Safety Engineer, clockworkX
Chair: Hans-Dieter Sohn, Senior Communication & Marketing Manager, WAB e.V.
Chair: Markus Lesser, Chief Executive Officer PNE WIND and Member of the Executive Board, WAB e.V.
  1. “Whole-system Integration of Offshore Wind” - Kacper Stefaniak, Strategy Analyst, ORE Catapult
  2. “Water Electrolysis: Trends and Challenges” - Ilona Dickschas, Sales Manager Europe, New Energy Business, Siemens Energy
  3. “Wind Power & Hydrogen” - Thorsten Fastenau, Head of Offshore Wind, PNE
  4. “The Regional Significance of Green Hydrogen” - Nils Schnorrenberger, Managing Director, BIS Bremerhaven Economic Development Company
Chair: Claas Schott, Chairman of H2BX e.V.
  1. “Infrastructural Sector Coupling with Power-to-Gas: Current Challenges Using the Example of ELEMENT EINS” - Matthias Wantia, Senior Advisor Public Affairs, TenneT
  2. “Power to Hydrogen: The Legal Impacts” - Dr Johannes Trost, Lawyer and Partner, LEBUHN & PUCHTA
  3. “'Green’ Gas for Bremerhaven” - Nora Denecke, Head of Department Field Tests, Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems, and Prof Dr Carsten Fichter, Owner, EnergieSynergie
  4. “Modelling the Production Chain Power to Gas, Synthetic Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas in Combination with Offshore Wind” - Prof Dr Carsten Fichter, EnergieSynergie