CEO/Consultant, windConsultant – Annette Nüsslein and Founding Member / Board Member, RDRWind e.V.

Annette Nüsslein has been active as a business and strategy consultant in the national and international wind industry both in onshore and offshore since 2005. windConsultant‘s consulting services focus on operational management, service and maintenance and repowering, dismantling, recycling and recovery. Annette has been founding and board member of RDRWind e.V. since 6 December 2018. RDRWind e.V. was established as Industrial Association for Repowering, Dismantling and Recycling of Wind Turbines with 10 companies in Hanover on 6 December 2018. The aim of the association is to develop first time standards for dismantling of wind turbines and promote the dissemination of new professional applications, sustainable processes, and standards. Currently, the Industrial Association has 45 member companies from project development and repowering, energy businesses, dismantling and disassembly, recycling, logistics, business consulting, legal services, research & development, composites as well as services.