Dr Alexandra

Director, Scottish Government’s Hub in Germany

Alexandra Stein represents Scottish interests in Germany as Director of the Scottish Government’s hub in Berlin. Together with Scottish Development International, she is responsible for strengthening bilateral relationships with Germany and promoting the development of new and existing partnerships. This includes across trade and investment, energy, climate, innovation, and the development of academic and cultural ties. Her focus in doing so is on key sectors such as offshore wind and hydrogen, the life sciences, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Alexandra is experienced across a broad range of senior policy and operational roles in government, many focused on business, energy and enterprise. Following a fellowship in entrepreneurship in Boston in 2014, she became Business Development Manager and Head of Innovation and New Technologies for a marine engineering company, where she also prepared the company’s Horizon 2020 bid to string-test the systems for the world’s first seagoing hydrogen ferry. This project is currently underway in Scotland. On returning to government, she worked across innovation, entrepreneurship and industry, and chaired a social enterprise, until she moved to take up her current role in Germany.  Here offshore wind and hydrogen again provide a key focus in view of Scotland’s extensive experience, capacity and export potential. In particular, the northern German states belong to Scotland’s most important partners within Germany in the fields of renewable energy and hydrogen.