Norway is the official country partner of the WINDFORCE Conference 2023    ++++    Norway is the official country partner of the WINDFORCE Conference 2023    ++++    Norway is the official country partner of the WINDFORCE Conference 2023    ++++    


Monday, 12 June 2023
Steelwind Nordenham GmbH is a Dillinger Group company located in Nordenham. The company began manufacturing monopiles and transition pieces in 2014, and now also produces single-piece monopile foundations with unit weights of up to 2,400 tons. The single-piece monopile replaces the previous design with a separate monopile and transition piece by integrating certain parts of the transition piece into the monopile. The monopile can then be up to 120 meters long. The steel for the monopiles comes from Dillinger, Europe's leading heavy plate manufacturer, located in Saarland. SWN currently employs 275 people.

  • Two gigawatt offshore substation construction, Lloyd Shipyard Bremerhaven

Start: 1.00 p.m.

Starting point: Hermann-Henrich-Meier-Str. 1, 27568 Bremerhaven.

A large parking lot is located directly in front of the location.

End: approx. 4:45 p.m.

Limited to 20 persons

We ask for registrations until June 8, 2023 to

  • Visit to training center for safety training of all kinds, free-fall boat - evacuation, RelyOn Nutec Germany GmbH, Bremerhaven

  • Traffic control center: Weser Traffic Bremerhaven

Tasks, traffic information: Nautical warnings and messages from the traffic control center about traffic, fairway, weather and tidal conditions, given at specific times or on request. Communications and warnings from the traffic center to the shipping community and recommendations made as part of a vessel advisory from the traffic center by maritime pilots that may affect positions, transit times, courses, speeds, or maneuvers of individual vessels in response to specific traffic situation requirements. Traffic regulations: maritime police orders issued by the traffic control center on a case-by-case basis, containing a command or prohibition and other measures of influence in accordance with the requirements of the traffic situation. Other tasks of the traffic control centers are: Alerting rescue and emergency personnel in the event of accidents or emergency situations Processing mandatory reports and communicating with the shipping industry Identifying ships and maintaining ship databases Planning and monitoring tidal movements of ships above certain drafts Monitoring shipping permits for compliance with the required requirements and conditions Issuing and monitoring exemptions from pilotage Monitoring traffic for compliance with traffic regulations and initiating investigations in the event of identified criminal offenses or misdemeanors Documenting and safeguarding traffic and environmental data for the investigating authorities Switching and monitoring of remote-controlled navigation signs Contact persons and representatives of the WSA Weser-Jade-Nordsee outside the announced office hours at the respective locations in the local area of responsibility.

Start: 13:30

Starting point: Hermann-Henrich-Meier-Str. 1, 27568 Bremerhaven. A large parking lot is located directly in front of the location.

End: approx. 4:45 p.m.

Limited to 20 persons

We ask for registrations until June 8, 2023 to

RIBTIDE speedboat

Meeting point: 2.00 p.m.

Hermann-Henrich-Meier-Str. 1, 27568 Bremerhaven

Arrival approx. 4.45 p.m.

This excursion is limited to 12 people. The speed boat tour starts in the immediate vicinity of the meeting point (about 50 meters away). We recommend to bring weatherproof clothes and a change of clothes. You can get wet. Life jackets and rain jackets will be handed out on site. You will have enough time to go/drive to the hotel after the tour.

We request registrations by 08 June 2023 to


Port tour of Bremerhaven overseas ports

3.15 p.m. Meeting point at the pier: Hermann-Henrich-Meier-Str. 1, 27568 Bremerhaven

Arrival approx. 4.45 p.m., Limited to 50 persons

We request registrations by 8 June 2023 to

sponsored by:

Restaurant "Strandhalle", H.-H.-Meier-Str. 3, 27568 Bremerhaven

  • Stefan Wenzel, Parlamentary State Secretary Federal Ministry of Economic and Climate Protection

  • Jon Hansen, Business Envoy, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Berlin

  • Ulrik Stridbæk, Head of Regulatory and Public Affairs,  Ørsted

  • Markus Lesser, WAB-Board,  CEO PNE AG

  • Jens Meyer-Holtz, Head of Projects & Permitting Offshore Wind Development Germany, RWE Renewables GmbH

Sponsored by:



Restaurant "Strandhalle", H.-H.-Meier-Str. 3, 27568 Bremerhaven

Tuesday, 13 June 2023
Venue: Halls of the Heinrich Rönner Group

Am Lunedeich 158, 27572 Bremerhaven

Moderation: Steffen Schleicher, Cluster Manager Innovation and conference, WAB

Company introduction: Top Seven GmbH & Co. KG

  • Marine data platform: Effective data management and seamless collaboration through digitization and automation, Chief Revenue Officer, Philippe Take, TrueOcean GmbH
Company introduction: TrueOcean GmbH

Company introduction: morEnergy GmbH

Company introduction: Hynamics Deutschland GmbH

Company introduction: Technica Nova GmbH

Company introduction: Reventos – energy consulting

  •, Founder and Head of Operations, Jerome Goerke
Company introduction:

Company introduction: Con4Mare GmbH

Company introduction: FreedomGRESS GmbH

Company introduction: Sabik Offshore GmbH

Company introduction: Broetje-Automation GmbH
Chair: Heike Winkler, Managing Director, WAB

  • Dr Astrid Wirnhier, Offshore Wind Unit, Head of Unit, Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

  • Jon Hansen, Business Envoy, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Berlin

  • Klaus Udesen, Director Wind Denmark, Germany, UK, Ireland, Norwegian Energy Partners
Conference Exhibition- and Catering Bereich
Chair: Heike Winkler, Managing Director, WAB

  • Dr Astrid Wirnhier, Offshore Wind Unit, Head of Unit, Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection

  • Iris Franco Fratini, Authorized signatory Member of the Executive Board, Head of Corporate Affairs, Ørsted Germany

  • Jan Vollrath, Vice President Offshore Sales, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Conference exhibition- and catering area
Chair: Klaus Udesen, Norwegian Energy Partners, Director Wind - Denmark, Germany, UK, Ireland

  • Development of Offshore Wind and related technologies in Norway and Europe, Senior Vice President Business Development Europe Aker Horizons, Senior Vice President / Managing Director Offshore Wind Development Europe & Global New Markets, Mainstream Renewable Power, Holger Matthiesen

  • Mission critical connectivity for the offshore industry, Tampnet, Head of Sales – Offshore Wind, Tom Løwehr

  • Data and Insight. Sustainable Change. A supply chain perspective, Esgian, Director Business Development Susanne Starheim-Grøtter

  • The Norwegian hydrogen ecosystem, value chain and projects, H2Cluster - The Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster and Ocean Hyway Cluster, Export Manager, Martin Hennum

  • Hydrogen optimizing offshore windfarm value, HydePoint, CEO Elin Steinsland
Chair: Jean Huby, Managing Director Ocean Breeze Energy

  • Cable failures – Challenges to growth in offshore wind, Senior Advisor, Jan Muren, 4Subsea, Norway

  • Application of Predictive Maintenance on Generators of Offshore Wind Turbines, Performance Managerin Sophie Janssen, Omexom Renewable Energies Offshore

  • LogReview: Logistic Optimization by Means of AIS Data, a comprehensive Analysis of AIS Data to optimize OWF Logistic processes, Senior projectmanager Jürgen Mackeprang, Tractebel DOC Offshore / Dr David Baumgärtner, Fraunhofer Institute for Windenergysystems IWES

  • Automation of the USP BARD1: From manned operation to autonomous efficiency, Department Manager Medium and High Voltage, Jan Neumayr, Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH & Co. KG
Conference Exhibition- and Catering Bereich
Chair: Julia Wittje, RelyOn Nutec Germany GmbH

  • Training and continuing education as a key task for the future - soft skills become hard skills, Kai Stührenberg, State Councillor for Labor and Europe, at the Senator for Economic Affairs, Labor and Europe Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

  • Qualification initiatives for Offshore Wind in Germany, Vietnam and Taiwan, Heike Winkler, Managing Director WAB, Dr. Than Trung Do, Geschäftsführer morEnergy Vietnam, Director international Projects, Manuel Zehr, Formosan Business Support, Taiwan

  • Deutsche Windtechnik Akademie: Innovative ways to recruit skilled workers, Head of Human Resource Christina Schäfer, Deutsche Windtechnik, Project Manager Deutsche Windtechnik Akademie, Hanna Trayser

  • Are they allowed to do that? Practical examples of operational planning, basics - processes - optimization: Consideration of all necessary skills & qualifications of the technicians. Sales Engineer for national and international project acquisitions in the field of software implementati, Thomas Zapp, GreenGate AG

  • Demand for skilled professionals and qualification for offshore wind, Prof Dr Wolfgang Lukas, Offshore Wind MBA
Chair: Randy Tinkerman, Wind Power Management

  • Value creation potentials of hydrogen production and offshore wind energy in Northern Germany, employment, market participants and revenues: Status Quo and Forecast Activities of the Hydrogen Industry, Managing Director Dirk Briese, trend:research

  • Pitfalls and disputes in supply chain decarbonization, Specialist lawyer for international business law, Dr Martin Lögering, Lebuhn & Puchta

  • Floating Offshore Wind – Does it cost more to minimize carbon footprint? Manufacturing, Transport and Installation of a floating foundation? Country Manager, Thore Schreiber, Kongstein

  • Experience from the offshore wind installation joint industry project on carbon emission tracking (EMRED JIP), Segment Lead Offshore Wind, Region Northern Europe, Peter Frohboese, DNV Energy Systems
Next Program: Dinner


Hallen der Heinrich Rönner Gruppe Am Lunedeich 158, 27572 Bremerhaven
Hallen der Heinrich Rönner Gruppe Am Lunedeich 158, 27572 Bremerhaven

Opening and Chair: Heike Winkler, Managing Director WAB e.V.

  • Christian Meyer, Lower Saxony Minister for the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection, 

Venue (same place as the conference venue):

Halls of the Heinrich Rönner Group Am Lunedeich 158, 27572 Bremerhaven
Wednesday, 14 June 2023

  • Minister of Economics, Transport, Construction and Digitalization of Lower Saxony, Olaf Lies
Chair: Thomas Zapp, Sales Engineer, GreenGate

  • Detecting activity using fibreoptic cable, Strategic competence and research manager, Steinar Bjørnstad, Tampnet, Norway

  • Maritime surveillance and protection of critical infrastructure, Sales Manager, Morten Wilfred Persen, Kongsberg Norcontrol, Norway

  • Cyber and physical security of Offshore Windfarms, DLR German Aerospace Center, Institute Director, Dr Frank Sill Torres, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), Dr Thomas Kemmerich

  • IT security in KRITIS companies - liability and protection of management, Nordwest Assekuranzmakler, Managing Partner NW Assekuranzmakler ProRisk, Achim Fischer-Erdsiek
Chair: Björn Wittek, Rhenus Offshore Logistics

  • Achieving Sustainable Market Leadership - The National Ports Strategy from the Seaport Operators' Perspective - German Seaport Association ZDS, Chief Executive Daniel Hosseus

  • Ports and logistics: requirements for the 2GW offshore systems of the future, TenneT Offshore, Programm Manager 2 GW, Dr Sven-Brian Müller

  • Energy Port Bremerhaven, bremenports, Member of the management, Stefan Färber

  • Offshore wind expansion targets require cooperation among ports and port stakeholders. An outlook on the practical implementation. Agency for business development Cuxhaven, Director Marc Itgen
Chair: Eize de Vries, Science and technology journalist

  • Malte Lembrecht, Offshore Product and Portfolio Management, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

  • Albert Winnemuller, Head of Global Offshore Product Market Strategy, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

  • Wei Zhaowei, Deputy director of R&D Center, Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co., Ltd
Conference Exhibition- and Catering Bereich
Chair: Nora Denecke, Head of Department Hydrogen Laboratories and Field Tests, Fraunhofer Institute for Windenergy Systems IWES

  • Hydrogen - Legal Framework and Relevance in EEG, WindSee Act and the EU Legal Context, Lawyer Lisa Jakob, Lawyer Paul Philipp Breunig, Blanke Meier Evers, Lawyers in partnership

  • Offshore electrolysis with ship transport is the fastest solution, Managing Partner Andreas Wellbrock, NorthH2 Project Company

  • System integration North Sea, The optimal use of the energy system and start with introduction of GREEN molecules offshore. Two energy carriers could speed up the energy transition and bridge (onshore) HV infrastructure or storage hurdles as an interbellum, Regional BENELUX and NORDIC technical manager Pim Reuderink, Bureau Veritas Denmark

  • A realistic look at hydrogen production offshore - status, challenge and recommendations for action, Prof Dr Joerg Buddenberg, German Offshore Test Site and Infrastructure Company (DOTI), Dr Dennis Kruse, Managing Director Deutsche WindGuard

  • Offshore Wind-to-Hydrogen: An Extract of Studies on Different Concepts and Business Case Analysis, Senior Engineer Jagdishkumar Ghinaiya, Energy systems department, Ramboll
Chair: Thomas Pontow, Managing Partner b.offshore GmbH

  • Production of green hydrogen to support the massive expansion of offshore wind energy production, Head of Central & Eastern Europe, Luc Graré, Lhyfe

  • Windanker Foundations, anchored to a greener future, Foundations Package Manager Windanker Project, Eugenio Álvarez Román, Iberdrola, Spain

  • Commercial-scale Floating: Highly promising, experience required!, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Bruno Geschier, BW Ideol, France

  • Fixed Bottom Foundations and Floating Wind Anchoring Solutions, Regional Manager Americas, Kai Fiand, Cape Holland, USA

  • Redefining Floating Wind with an Offshore Wind Foundation for Intermediate Water Depths, Renewables Manager, Zander McDougall, OSI Renewables, UK
Conference Exhibition- and Catering Bereich

Start: 14:15

Start point: An der Baumroenne 4, 27472 Cuxhaven

Parking lot once past the plant, then immediately to the right (please park in reverse).

Driving time Bremerhaven - Cuxhaven approx. 3/4 hour.

End: approx. 16.00 o'clock

Limited to 8 persons

Arrival: Self-drive to Cuxhaven

We ask for registrations until June 9, 2023 to

Thursday, 15 June 2023

Excursion to one of the newest offshore wind farm in Germany

The offshore wind farm "Kaskasi" is one of the two newest wind farm in Germany and is located 35km north of the island of Heligoland. Only in August of the year 2022 the first turbines were put into operation and currently others are still being completed. One of the highlights of the wind farm is the recyclable rotor blades, which were installed for the first time in the world and can ultimately be reused after their service life ends. In addition, the offshore park stands out from others because of its output. With a total output of 342 megawatts, divided among 38 wind turbines, up to 400,000 households can be supplied with electricity.

The excursion with the "Halunder Jet" departs at 1:30 p.m. from the island of Heligoland, to which you will return at approximately 3:30 p.m.

The excursion is operated by:

Fee Heligoland - Kaskasi - Heligoland: 63,00 Euro


Ferry roundtrip Heligoland, (plus Kaskasi exit fee):

15 June 23 from Cuxhaven 11:15 a.m., Heligoland, arrival Cuxhaven approx. 6:15 p.m.

approx. 66,00 Euro (deck classes depending)

Travel and parking information Cuxhaven

Adress  departure: Am Alten Hafen, 27472 Cuxhaven

15 June 23 from Hamburg 9:00 a.m., Cuxhaven, Heligoland, arrival Hamburg approx. 20:30 p.m.

approx. 130,00 Euro (deck class dependent),

Discount code Windforce23:

FRS Helgoline grants all conference participants a 10% discount for the round trip to Helgoland. Please enter the discount code Windforce23, when booking the crossing online or give it by phone.

Booking Ferry Heligoland:


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