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Die WINDFORCE 2015 Konferenz findet im ATLANTIC Sail City Hotel in Bremerhaven statt.

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Conference opening at the Atlantic Hotel Sail City

  • Olaf Lies, Minister for Economy, Labour and Transport of Niedersachsen
  • Günther Albers, Managing Director - ELA Container Offshore
  • Markus Rieck, Commercial Project Director – ALSTOM Deutschland
  • Ronny Meyer, Managing Director – Windenergie Agentur WAB

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015
At the Atlantic Hotel Sail City
sponsored by UWIND – Unterweser Industries
Mittwoch, 10. Juni 2015

Chair: SET Analysis, CEO, Jos Beurskens, Netherlands

New International Offshore markets

Focus on Asia (China, Japan) and US

Unternehmen: DNV GL – Energy
Referent: Dr. Helmut Klug
Position: Business Development Director
Business development – Emerging Markets

How long until new markets really bite?

Unternehmen: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Referent: Joerg Kubitza, Dänemark
Position: Head of Strategy and Business Development, Sr. Director
Offshore wind farms in Chinese waters

The Hong Kong Electric Lamma Island Offshore wind monitoring project

Unternehmen: SgurrEnergy
Referent: Matthias Henke
Position: Director of German Operations
Experiences from the Chinese offshore wind market – and how to cooperate both ways

Unternehmen: Ming Yang Wind Power Group
Referent: Per Bull Haugsoen

Chair: Stiftung Offshore Windenergie, CEO, Andreas Wagner

Maintaining the stability of offshore grid connection systems

Assessment of the stability margin based on frequency dependent impedances

Unternehmen: TenneT Offshore
Referent: Andreas Menze
Position: Leader Grid Planning Offshore
Hochspannungskabel für Offshore- und Onshore-Anwendungen

Technologie und Installation

Unternehmen: ABB
Referent: Sebastian Ebert
Position: Head of Cable Projects
Status and lessons learned from the project 900 MW HVDC off-shore grid connection DolWin3

Unternehmen: ALSTOM Power
Referent: Dr. Cederick Allwardt
Position: Technical Project Director
Lessons learned from HVDC offshore connections in Germany

Unternehmen: Siemens Grid
Referent: Roland Walz
Position: Sales Manager Grid Access

Interviews and discussion
Chair: Stiftung Offshore Windenergie, Chairman, Jörg Kuhbier

Offshore Auctions – post 2020

Update and Outlook

Unternehmen: Windenergy Agency WAB
Referent: Ronny Meyer
Position: CEO

Unternehmen: Ministry for Economics and Energy (BMWI)
Referent: Thorsten Falk

Unternehmen: Fraunhofer ISI
Referent: Mario Ragwitz

Unternehmen: Dong Energy
Referent: Trine Borum Bojsen
Position: Managing Consultant
A call for tenders system for EEG remuneration

Implications for offshore wind

Unternehmen: Watson Farley & Williams
Referent: Dr. Christine Bader
Position: Lawyer and Partner

Chair: Nordwest Assekuranzmakler, CEO, Thomas Haukje

Offshore Wind Energy Development in Germany – Status Quo & Current Trends

New installations, projects under construction, outlook

Unternehmen: Deutsche WindGuard GmbH
Referent: Anna-Kathrin Wallasch
Position: Head of Markets & Politics
Nordergründe – Tiny Challenge

Unternehmen: wpd offshore solutions
Referent: Alexander Klemt
Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm – From fictous readiness to fully operational wind farm

Nordsee Ost Offshore Wind Farm: progress over one year and its experiences getting the park connected to the grid and fully operational

Unternehmen: RWE Innogy
Referent: Marcel Sunier
Position: Project Director
Offshore Windfarm Amrumbank West

Status Report and Challenges

Unternehmen: E.ON Climate & Renewables
Referent: Dominik Schwegmann
Position: General Project Manager Amrumbank West
Sandbank: Lessons learned in practice

Unternehmen: Vattenfall Europe Windkraft
Referent: Niels Bjaert
Position: Certified Project Director
EnBW Baltic 2

Erfahrungen aus der Umsetzung von Baltic 2

Unternehmen: EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg
Referent: Stefan Kansy
Position: Leiter Neubauprojekte, Erzeugung Portfolioentwicklung

Chair: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Senior Manager, Oliver Moß

The financing of the Nordsee 1 project

A project financed by commercial banks only

Unternehmen: Green Giraffe Energy Bankers
Referent: Dr. Jerome Guillett
Position: Managing Director
Challenge to the offshore Sumitomo’s experiences in Belgium

Unternehmen: Sumitomo Deutschland
Referent: Koji Wakabayashi
Position: General Manager
Gewährleistung und Versicherungsschutz

Gewährleistungen der Turbinen-, Kabel- , Fundamenthersteller sowie Subcontractors und deren Versicherbarkeit

Unternehmen: Nordwest Assekuranzmakler
Referent: Dr. Patrick Wendisch
Position: Managing Partner
Disputes? Avoid them or win them!

Unternehmen: CORVEL, Lawyer and Partner
Referent: Dr. Nicoletta Kröger
Position: Partner
Managing Weather Risk

Weather delay insurance in offshore construction and maintenance

Unternehmen: Endurance Global Weather
Referent: Ralph Renner, UK
Position: Head of European Origination

Chair: Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster Agency, Managing Director, Jan Rispens

Electrifying the German North Sea

Planning, Building and Operating Grid Connections and Interconnectors

Unternehmen: TenneT Offshore
Referent: Dr. Benjamin Hühnerbein
Position: Head of Project Management Office Offshore
Ensuring Access to Compensation Funds for Loss of Revenue From Grid Connection Delays

Unternehmen: CARNEADES Project Services
Referent: Alexander Kruse
Position: Managing Director
Offshore Substations / Experience & Prospects

Unternehmen: Siemens Energy Management Division
Referent: Joerg Findeisen
Position: Head of Mechanical Development
Versorgungssicherheit und Netzführung

Zusammenspiel von Kraftwerken und Netz

Unternehmen: Tennet TSO
Referent: Volker Weinreich
Position: Head of Control Centre Lehrte

At production site of Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder
With Martin Günthner, Senator für Economics, Labour and Habor
Details (PDF)
Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

Chair: Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES), Director of the institute, Prof. Dr. Andreas Reuter

Haliade 150-6MW from Demo to Series Production

Unternehmen: ALSTOM Power
Referent: Markus Rieck
Position: CEO
How the V164-8.0 MW turbine will help reducing cost of energy for offshore wind

Unternehmen: MHI Vestas Offshore Wind
Referent: Anders Bach Andersen, Dänemark
Position: Senior Product Manager
Turbine drivetrains for offshore wind

Tradeoffs, key success factors and return of experience

Unternehmen: Ocean Breeze Energy
Referent: Joachim Arndt
Position: Chief Engineer
The Senvion 6.2M152

A 20% yield improvement for the 6.xM platform

Unternehmen: Senvion
Referent: Harry Pim
Position: Program Manager 6.XM
HVAC Booster Turbines

How to eliminate the need for an HVAC offshore substation

Unternehmen: Siemens Wind Power
Referent: Jesper Møller, Dänemark
Position: Head of Offshore Concepts and Solutions

Chair: EMS Maritime Offshore, Managing Director, Knut Gerdes

Neue Konstruktions- und Sicherheitsstandards für Offshore Servicefahrzeuge

Unternehmen: German Shipowners’ Association (VDR)
Referent: Kapitän Wolfgang Hintzsche
Position: Marine Director
Offshore Vessels: A Flexible Approach

Lessons learned from German Offshore Wind Installation

Unternehmen: Fred. Olsen Windcarrier
Referent: Martin Degen, Norwegen
Position: Commercial Manager
Offshore Logistics Shuttle (OLS)

Feeder Concept for the Installation of Offshore Wind Farms

Unternehmen: BLG Logistics Solutions
Referent: Annette Schimmel
Position: Manager Strategic Projects
Offshore-Windfarm Emergency Rescue & Response Vessel (OWF-ERRV)

Unternehmen: Bugsier-, Reederei- und Bergungs-Gesellschaft
Referent: Carsten-S. Wibel
Position: Project Head
The new SWATH@A&R Crew Base & Transfer Vessel

Accomodation and means of transfer for service technicians

Unternehmen: Abeking & Rasmussen Schiffs- und Yachtwerft
Referent: Nils P. Olschner
Position: Sales Director Special Vessels


Unternehmen: European Commission Directorate
Referent: Brendan Devlin, Belgien
Development of Borssele Wind Farm Zone

The Netherlands Status of development of Borssele Wind Farm Zone will be presented

Unternehmen: Ministry of Economic Affairs Netherland
Referent: Ruud de Bruijne, Niederlande
Position: Project manager Off Shore Wind
Offshore Wind in France

Situation and Perspectives

Unternehmen: France Energie Eolienne
Referent: Matthieu Monnier, Frankreich
Position: Industry and Offshore Wind Advisor
The SEASTAR Alliance

A European Offshore Wind Industry Alliance fostering cross-border collaboration on cost-reduction, knowledge management and offshore grid development

Unternehmen: Stiftung Offshore Windenergie
Referent: Andreas Wagner
Position: CEO
Offshore Wind Projects In Scotland & The UK

The Challenge of Delivery

Unternehmen: EDPR
Referent: Dan Finch, UK
Position: Managing Director EDPR UK & Director Of Offshore Business EDPR
Lessons learned in German offshore wind industry

A good foundation to further develop European offshore projects

Unternehmen: Adwen
Referent: Paulo Pereira
Position: Head of Sales Germany, Benelux

Chair: Ocean Breeze Energy, CEO, Jean Huby

VGB S-831 – the new Guideline for the Provision of Technical Documentation (Technical Plant Data, Documents) for Plants in the Energy Industry

Unternehmen: RWE Technology International
Referent: Jörg Richnow
Position: Head of Documentation Management
Survey of welding seams of offshore foundations

Unternehmen: Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme, Institutsteil Materialdiagnostik IKTS-MD / Baltic Taucherei- und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbH
Referent: Dr. rer. nat. Bianca Weihnacht / Jens Eppler
Position: Project coordinator / Projectmanager
Fast, Safe and Easy Access

Maintenance and Modification of Offshore Substations

Unternehmen: AAK
Referent: Torgeir Nærø, Norwegen
Position: CEO
Required HSE documentation for an OWF in Germany

Unternehmen: DNV GL
Referent: Andreas Beeken and Vivien Taillebois
Introduction of O&M manual transition piece

The challenge to reduce service frequency in respect to logistic cost reduction.

Unternehmen: Deutsche Windtechnik
Referent: Carl Rasmus Richardsen / Alexander Huth
Position: CEO / Project Management Service
Leading offshore experience through strategic partnerships

Development of one common offshore service Hub in Emden
REETEC & Wind Multiplikator & OWS increase BO1 efficiency

Unternehmen: Wind Multiplikator / REETEC
Referent: Michael Munder-Oschimek
Position: Managing Director

Chair: Testzentrum für Tragstrukturen Hannover an der Leibniz Universität Hannover, Prof. Dr. Peter Schaumann

Experience of Suction Bucket Jacket Borkum Riffgrund 1

Unternehmen: DONG Energy
Referent: Henrik Carsten
Position: Jacket Product Line Manager & Senior Lead Structual Specialist
Revolutionising productivity and safety in offshore grouting

A new material, the result of a joint initiative between BASF and FoundOcean, is set to deliver significant and quantifiable improvements in productivity when grouting offshore wind turbine structures

Unternehmen: FoundOcean
Referent: Carsten Michels
Position: Business Development Manager
50 x 8 > 80 x 5?

Tripod supports MHI Vestas V164-8.0

Unternehmen: OWT Offshore Wind Technologie
Referent: Dr. Sigurd Weise
GBS – the „new normal“

Why bigger turbines and deeper waters will fundamentally change foundation choice

Unternehmen: Seatower
Referent: Petter J. Karal, Norwegen
Position: CEO
Supply Chain Concept for Industrial Assembling of Offshore-Wind-Jackets

Unternehmen: Salzgitter / Salzgitter Mannesmann Forschung
Referent: Georg Michels
Position: Director / Research Engineer Department Joining and Heat Technology

Chair: OWIA Offshore Wind Industry Alliance, Project Manager for Political Communication, OWIA Berlin Office, Urs Wahl

The impact of innovation in the LCOE of offshore wind energy

The role of KIC InnoEnergy

Unternehmen: KIC InnoEnergy
Referent: Antoni Martínez, Spanien
Position: CTO Renewable Energies
Siemens New Offshore Wind Turbine Concept: leveraging reliability

Unternehmen: Siemens Wind Power
Referent: Lars Hedemann

Unternehmen: CPNL Engineering
Referent: Ton Tuk
Position: Director
Offshore Substations – selected Aspects for increasing of cost efficiency From Fabrication Inspection to maintenance

Unternehmen: JÖRSS BLUNCK ORDEMANN / Nordic Yards Wismar
Referent: Dr. Falk Lüddecke
Position: CEO / Head of Offshore Substations Systems Design
Ist billiger immer besser?

Evaluation von Logistikkonzepten für die Errichtung von Offshore Windparks

Unternehmen: ISL: Institut für Seeverkehrswirtschaft und Logistik; HIWL: Hochschule für Internationale Wirtschaft und Logistik
Referent: Prof. Dr. Kerstin Lange
Position: Internationale Wirtschaft und Logistik

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015


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