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Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018
Werksbesichtigungen Steelwind Nordenham & Siemens Gamesa, Cuxhaven Buchbar mit Ihrer Konferenz-Anmeldung Treffpunkt: ATLANTIC Hotel Sail City Bremerhaven Festes Schuhwerk erbeten.
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Das während der WINDFORCE Conference 2018 gemeinsam organisierte B2B Matchmaking Event von Inn2POWER und dem Enterprise Europe Network bietet ideale Vernetzungsmöglichkeiten für Unternehmen der Offshore-Windindustrie aus einer Vielzahl europäischer Länder. Treffen Sie Ihre neuen Business-Partner auf der WINDFORCE 2018. Eine kostenlose Anmeldung ist erforderlich unter folgendem Link: Anmeldung
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Podiumsdiskussion „Wie sieht der Energiemix im Jahr 2035 aus?“
in maritimer Atmosphäre
Mittwoch, 16. Mai 2018
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The WINDFORCE Baltic Sea provides an annual overview of the development of the offshore industry in the riparian states. During the WINDFORCE Conference, representatives from Denmark, Poland and Estonia will give an insight into their market development under the specific political conditions in each country. (Session A)
The operation and maintenance of offshore wind turbines is to be expected as a solid field of work for the industry in the future. The development of constantly optimized concepts in order to act efficiently and cost-effective is a prerequisite for coping with competition. In Session F, practitioners discuss experiences and future models, in example to what extent digitization can facilitate daily work.
The energy system transformation can only succeed coordinated at a European level. But how can the German energy transition be integrated into a pan-European energy transition? How can the different climatic zones - sun in the south and wind in the north - be used? How must a pan-European network be set up to ensure that wind power is brought to the consumer without losses on the North/South and East/West axis? How can supply reliability be guaranteed? Follow this discussion issues with Giles Dickson, CEO of WindEurope, and other speakers in Session B.
There are several protests against the construction of wind farms. In addition to the Nimby phenomenon, aspects of nature and environment protection are often used as arguments in the discussion. Opposition is governed by the fact that wind farms make a significant contribution to stop the climate change. Session G shows how economy and ecology can be understood less as apparent opposites but as a complementary in the energy transition.
In order to guarantee supply reliability, it is necessary to find the right balance between production and consumption. Thus, storage technologies are essential for the further expansion of renewable energies. What technological progress is being made here? Session C gives an overview of current innovations in offshore wind energy.
Last year, the world's first floating offshore wind farm was connected to the grid. Session H focuses on the different types of foundations, which are currently available and shows the advantages and disadvantages of the most relevant types. Furthermore, it will include the question whether floating foundations could be of interest to the German market, addresses today´s state of development as well as a presentation of already existing test fields.
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Against the background of the 0 cent bids, the question of the electricity market prices is a primary concern. The direct marketing of electricity could be a solution against negative market performances. A new form of direct marketing is the so-called Power-Purchase-Agreement, a contract between producers and companies with a fixed price. For whom are these contracts attractive? What are the advantages and risks? (Session D)
Session I provides an overview of the current state of development of the current turbine generation and gives an outlook: What does producers of wind turbines expect in the future? How can they meet the demand for larger and more powerful turbines? What new developments are already available?
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The climate protection targets and the decarbonisation lead to an electrification of the heat, gas and mobility sectors and open up new sales markets for wind power. In Session E, the following questions will be discussed: How can wind energy position itself in the market? Where do we stand today? To what extent is the vision of coupled electricity already a today´s reality?
In Session K, wind farm operators will provide first hand reports on the construction and operation of recently installed offshore wind farms. It includes an update on the current state of affairs of the installation of offshore wind farms and discusses latest challenges. A special focus will be put on the variability and differences in grid connections with focus on offshore grid connections in the UK.
Das WINDFORCE Dinner findet in der Sandbank im Weserstrandbad statt.

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